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EODL One Act Festival

NGCT is hosting Eastern Ontario Drama League (EODL) One Act Festival November 3-5, 2023, at Urbandale Arts Theatre.

See EODL One Act Festival for how to attend, as audiences, an EODL member group, or NGCT hosts.

Community Events


2023 - We will have a tent and possibly a small stage.

2022 - We had a tent for the day - May 21 - the day of The Storm! We had lots of visitors, some who auditioned by reading a small dialogue, and others who got photographed in our electric chair (from our recent production of Ripcord).

Romance on the Road

2023 - See the Many Faces of Love page.

2022 - The last performance was Fri June 10 at Pierce's Cos Malboro Community Centre. We hope to do the same sort of thing next year, where we provide the actors who have rehearsed two or three one-act plays (aboutr 40 minutes each), and the hosts provide the stage and the audience -- and keep the proceeds from ticket and refrehment sales.

Experience Arts Fest

2023 - We will have a tent and possibly a small stage.

2022 - The first annual EAF was Sat June 25 at North Grenville Municipal Centre (outside). NGCT had a tent, similar to Buskerfest, and twice we had Steve and Darrell perform soliloquys. We're glad for everyone who stopped by!


2022 - We performed a five person play "Desperate Farm Wives" (with a talking cow) at the North Grenville International Plowing Match [Tues Sept 20 to Saturday Sept 24], at the old KCAT campus.

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