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We are holding auditions for The Admirable Crichton, a comedy by J. M. Barrie, directed by Steve Wendt. The play will be performed five shows only, May 24-28, 2023 at Urbandale Theatre.

Leads and Supporting: 5 Male, 4 Female, adults from younger to senior ages. Actors may play more than one role, if necessary.
Smaller parts and extras: 2 or more Female, 2 or more Male, there could be some non-speaking parts.
The actor's gender, age, and such characteristics are not fundamental limitations. Believability is required.

The auditions will be held one night only, Tuesday October 11, 5:00pm-7:00pm, at the North Grenville Public Library, Kemptville Branch, 1 Water St (at the corner of Water and Prescott St). See the audition details1. Please email president@ngct.ca if you plan to audition.

The play is about a group of shipwrecked English aristocrats who stake their survival on the ingenuity of their trustworthy butler. For a longer summary, see Super Summary: Admirable Chrichton. For a copy of the script, see Project Gutenburg.

1 updated Oct 5

Community Theatre Ottawa

For information on upcoming shows at other local theatre groups or for audition information, please follow this link to check the Community Theatre Ottawa web page.


Upcoming Auditions

The Youth Theatre (NGYCT) will finalize their plans for the Christmas 2022 show, and may hold auditions in late September.

In late October NGCT may hold auditions for Travelling One-Act Show(s), to be performed in spring 2023. Plans for this show are still in the planning stage.

Throughout the year we may hold other auditions for small plays, including our entry into the EODL One Act Festival that we are hosting in Nov 2023.

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