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Our History

A lot of plays have been rehearsed and performed over our 50-year history. Our very own and well-known Vida Hopson arrived in Kemptville in 1949 when Jim Morton was the head of an informal drama group called Play for Fun, a group that lasted until the 1950s. After a 10-year hiatus, Vida revived the group in April 1967, naming it the St. James Players. Its first production was Noel Coward's “I'll Leave It To You,” put on at St. James' Leslie Hall.
By 1974, the group had changed its name to the Kemptville Players to reflect the community. The name was incorporated in 1980 so our name became Kemptville Players Inc. (KPI).
In 2021 we adopted the business name North Grenville Community Theatre (NGCT) to reflect our growing community of contributors, both cast & crew, and audience & sponsors. We've performed plays at North Grenville High School and the Parish Hall at KCAT but most of our productions were presented at Leslie Hall (torn down in 2019). We now present most of our plays at Urbandale Arts Centre at the Municipal Centre.

For legal and financial matters, we are Kemptville Players Inc. doing business as North Grenville Community Theatre.

We encourage new members and support existing members to develop their theatrical skills while providing opportunities for creativity and camaraderie (see: join or volunteer).

Board of Directors

President - Steve Wendt
Vice President - Darrell Nunn
Secretary - Caroline Matheson
Treasurer - Richard Pickard
Directors at large -
Paul Rochon
Terry Watkiss
Phil Irving

President - Steve Wendt
Vice President - Darrell Nunn
Secretary - Caroline Matheson
Treasurer - Richard Pickard
Past President - Shannon Lever
Members at large -
Paul Rochon
Terry Watkiss
Mary-Anne Leang
Jorie Basque
Ron Hallman

Our Mission

Kemptville Players Inc. doing business as North Grenville Community Theatre, is the longest running amateur theatre group in the area of North Grenville, Ontario. We are committed to increasing awareness of amateur theatre through our theatrical productions and support of community events in our township.

Dinner Theatre

NGCT also performs Dinner Theatre at local restaurants or at special events.

Backstage Whisperer

The Backstage Whisperer is issued four times a year as our members' newsletter on the goings-on of NGCT. (This was formerly the Cue Sheet). Check out the Members page to see the latest edition; please use the menu item "CUES > Members" at the top of this page.

Volunteers Needed!

We rely on many volunteers who may never appear on stage. Instead, they design sets, construct and paint scenery, manage the front of house, sell tickets, arrange publicity and perform so many other tasks that support onstage productions. We also will train people to assist in sound and lights, or as an assistant to the director, producer, or stage manager. Lastly, but not least, we always need house managers, ushers, and people to serve food and drinks at intermission. To find out how you can become involved, contact the Producer of the current show.

Join the NGCT

We welcome everyone to come participate in a great community theatre experience. Our auditions are open to anyone. We also need help backstage. Please fill in the Join Us form so that we can contact you.

Cast and full-time crew must become members of the NGCT. Members are invited to attend general meetings and social functions.

Please refer to the Members page for the current fees. By having the fees listed in one place, we avoid the possibility of having different fees quoted on different pages.

Kemptville Players Inc doing business as North Grenville Community Theatre
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