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Let's keep track of community events where we want to take part:

Event Dates Organizer
Buskerfest~May 24, 2023 
Pride Parade~June 10, 2023 
Experience Arts Fest~June 24, 2023 
Canada DayJuly 1, 2023 
Santa Xmas Parade~Nov 25, 2022 

Complimentary Tickets

To organizer of event giving out Complimentary Tickets: Please find attached the complimentary tickets, as a PDF suitable for printing. You can print the PDF and have it on hand to give to the winner.
Whomever you give this to, should contact me (producer@ngct.ca) to get the Proof Code. Of course, you will also send me the name and email of the winner, so I can verify the winner’s email.
I will give that person a six character code (like A1B2C3) for them to write on their printed PDF. They can present the form at the door on any night. Doors open at 7:00. We have a list of proof codes for the various complimentary tickets we are giving out, and we cross off the codes from our list to ensure each proof code is redeemed only once.

Event Signage

Posters at events should use this QR code with links to
Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Web Site

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