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NGCT: Shirley Valentine

Last Three Performances

7p Fri Oct 14, 7p Sat Oct 15, 2p matinee Sun Oct 16
Royal Canadian Legion Hall (Branch 212), 100 Rueben Crescent, Kemptville
Tickets $20 at B&H Your Community Grocer; and on-line (see below)

poster for Shirley Valentine

Shirley Valentine

by Willy Russell

Cast: Jorie Basque. Directed by Darrell Nunn
   • Watch a funny play. Come out thinking.


You can purchase tickets on-line,
or you can purchase printed tickets in person at B&H Your Community Grocer - 301 Rideau St, Kemptville.
Walk-up tickets are also available at the door (cash only).
All tickets are $20 general admission.

The Show

This one-woman show is upstairs at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall (Branch 212); there is an elevator if you cannot manage the stairs. Enter the building through the north-side main doors, at 100 Reuben Crescent. There is ample parking across the road, next to the old firehall and adjacent to the Riverside Public Swimming Pool.

Doors open 30 minutes ahead of the curtain time.

The Legion runs the downstairs bar before the show and during the 20 minute intermission. (All proceeds from the bar support the Legion.)

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Shirley Valentine is a bored 42-year old middle class Liverpudlian housewife whose life and initially enriching marriage has settled into a narrow and unsatisfying rut, leaving few real friends and her childhood dreams unaccomplished. She feels as if her husband and children treat her more like a servant. When her flamboyant friend Jane wins a trip for two to Greece, Shirley uncharacteristically puts herself first and accepts Jane's invitation.

  •    • Lemonade out of lemons -- that's Shirley Valentine!
  •    • Tired of predictable Netflix shows? Drink wine (or beer) with Shirley Valentine.
  •    • Go to be entertained. Come out talking with your spouse about Shirley stuff that is also your stuff.

About Shirley

Shirley is a born storyteller who makes funny, awkward or even traumatic moments come alive for the audience in a relatable way. Male or female, you will recognize some part of yourself in Shirley.

Shirley Valentine is a brave, impetuous, caring middle-aged woman, negotiating the real struggles of life with humour, in search of her authentic self.

While there may be for the audience somewhat shocking moments along the way -- the sympathetic portrayal is funny and uplifting. There is some use of four letter words and other sexual references. In spite of that I believe that older teens will also enjoy this play.

Some of you may have seen the film (1989). It was based on the stage play. In the film different actors play different characters, but in the stage play, one highly versatile actor plays all of them. As director I strongly believe that this makes the play much more interesting than the film.

Her maiden name is 'Valentine' for good reason; we hope she will touch your heart.

Why come?

As a male director, I am excited about the humour, optimism, and sheer entertainment value of "Shirley Valentine". Many parts are laugh-out-loud funny. I promise that you will be amused, shocked, and emotionally touched in surprising ways.

Shirley may be female, but she represents so many aspects of both women and men as they navigate travel dreams, marriages, and mid-life crises. Her relationship with her husband is often front and centre.

I see it as a one-person show; that person happens to be a woman. But that woman 'plays' many characters; some are men. Women have watched male-dominated shows a lot. Time that men reciprocated!

The play is a strange and funny 'valentine' to all of us, a reminder of the complexities of keeping love fresh, while dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities that make love hard.

The intimacy (and available bar) of the deliberately chosen small venue add to the relaxed closeness of the show. In many ways, Shirley is you. You may keep thinking of parts of the show long after you leave the theatre.
   -- Darrell Nunn, Director

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