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North Grenville Community Theatre

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Coming Soon...
Festivals & Shirley Valentine

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What does Community Theatre mean to you?

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We changed our brand...

To reflect the wider community of our actors and our patrons, our brand name is now North Grenville Community Theatre (NGCT). Our parent company is Kemptville Players Inc (KPI).
Our insurance, performance rights, facility contracts, etc continue to be held under our parent company name. A brand name is an alternate business name, owned and operated by the parent company.

Upcoming Plays

"Desperate Farm Wives" - three shows at International Plowing Match, Sept 20-24.
Director: Steve Wendt; Producer: (open)
"Shirley Valentine" at [venue to be announced], Sept 30, Oct 1, and Oct 14-15.
Director: Darrell Nunn; Producer: Phil Irving, Marie Cormier
"Admirable Crichton" at Urbandale Arts Centre, May 24-28, 2023.
Auditions in fall 2022, dates to be announced.
Director: Darrell Nunn; Producer: Phil Irving, (open)
"Our Town" at Urbandale Arts Centre, Oct–Nov, 2023.
Auditions in winter/spring 2023, dates to be announced.
Director: Darrell Nunn; Producer: (open)
EODL One Act Festival 2023 at Urbandale Arts Centre, Nov 3-5, 2023.
As well as hosting, we may enter our own One Act play. Auditions in winter/spring 2023, dates to be announced.
Director: Suzanne Irving; Producer: (open)


Come get involved
with our group, in many opportunities.

NG Youth CT

NG Youth CT (NCYCT) is a program of North Grenville Community Theatre that gives an opportunity for youth, grades 3 and up, to experience the excitement and fun of theatre. Check out our NGYCT page.


  • • NGCT are planning a variety of workshops — check back here later for details
  • • EODL One Act Festival may be hosted by NGCT in 2023
  • • Youth Plays - see our NGYCT (North Grenville Youth Community Theatre)
Our key missing demographic is actors aged 18 through 50-ish who can play male roles. If you'd like to give it a try, contact Darrell Nunn (VicePres).

There are several behind the scenes vacancies that need to be filled. If you are interested please contact the producer@ngct.ca.

See our Auditions page for more information.


NGCT is always looking for sponsors. For a small donation your business will receive acknowledgment in our production programme. You can send as an image, logo, or link to your website for us to include in the programme, that our audience receives as they arrive.

Please use the sponsors form so we can contact you.


Mothers' Day 2021 - Video

Click here to view the video we put together.

More Community Theatre

Check here for a list of some of the
other community theatre in our area.


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